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Interest earned on loans and advances is the primary source of income for the banks. Hence the growth of loans and advances is considered vital for a bank. immaculately, a bank’s deposits and loans should grow at an equal rate. still, banks expend smaller loans in the case of weak profitable conditions to avoid bad loans on their books.

Axis Bank is leading in terms of growth of loans and advances with a CAGR of10.7 in the last five times against a 9 CAGR of ICICI Bank.

Axis Bank’s growth in advances was led by growth in MSME and retail sector, whereas for ICICI Bank the growth was led by domestic advances, which was incompletely neutralize by overseas advances.

While both the banks could n’t keep up with the pace of growth in their deposits, Axis Bank managed to keep the difference below 1.

In terms of advances to deposit rate both the banks have a five- time normal of92.6. This means for every ₹ 100 they collect as deposits the banks are giving ₹92.6 as loans and advances.